Tom Jones Quitproof

Tom Jones is a former Marine, ex sparring partner of Chuck Norris, and someone who has overcome some serious adversity in his early life and drug addiction, to get to where he is now.
Tom created the QUITPROOF program for physical, mental, and spiritual development for those in need of a better lifestyle.

In this episode we discuss:

Tom has quite the list of achievements.
Shout outs to Laird Hamilton and Chuck Norris.
Tom moved 35 times before he was 12 years old.
A childhood of abuse, neglect and many other challenges.
Experience of abuse and child molestation in care homes.
Tom ran away to join the Marines.
He studied martial arts from a young age.
Was he naturally talented? Or just started so young?
Fighting in bars in Okinawa.
How Tom became friends with Chuck Norris.
The importance of men having positive male role models.
Tom’s experience with addiction to drugs and going into rehab.
Meeting another mentor Glenn McCusker, working as his bodyguard and trainer.
A return to fighting.
Seven major titles in Muay Thai kickboxing.
About marriage and divorce.
Muay Thai is brutal and demanding fight sport but Tom was prepared for it.
Mind-boggling achievements in running.
Tom was not an endurance runner before he started these challenges!
About the support team for the 121 marathons.
‘It’s over when you decide it’s over’
Marathon vs Muay Thai:
Running a marathon and winning a Muay Thai fight in one day, done for a local children’s foundation.
Shout out to Joe in Bali!
How did Tom get into his epic SUP trips?
Shout out to Charlie Moore who discovered the Northern Pacific Garbage Patch and leading expert in plastic pollution.
Shut out to Mickey Munoz and Joe Bark.
Meeting Laird Hamilton for the first time and Dave Kalama.
SUP-ping the length of the state of California.
Running into a 17 ft Great White.
Donny mentions a book about Great Whites called The Secret Life of Sharks by Peter A. Klimley.
‘Your WHY has to be strong enough’
Tom was 58 years old at the time of recording.
How does Tom recover from all this?
The importance of great nutrition and supplementation.
What part does faith play in Tom’s life?
What is a hydrofoil? And the hydrofoil distance record.
New challenges offer the chance to be humble.
What is the status of QUITPROOF?
Does Tom have any regrets? (Didn’t go to officer’s school)
Shout outs to the influential people, including also Jennifer, Tom’s wife and God.
What is the most important advice to pass on to listeners?
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