Luke Richards is a recovered alcoholic, ultra-distance swimmer and loving husband and father. He is based in Melbourne, Australia.

This interview was recorded in September 2020

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In this episode we discuss:

Luke is from Melbourne, born and bred.
A little bit about his growing up there and going to an all boy’s school, and how some of the seeds of problems in later life were sown.
The inceptions of substance addiction.
First attempted suicide in high school.
How alcohol came to reign supreme.
How bad did Luke’s drinking actually get?
Luke had the onset of Korsakoff Syndrome.
He was very good at hiding his addiction.
What marked the rock bottom for Luke?
The first time he stopped, and the relapse.
When did Luke ‘finally run out of runway’ and have his last drink, and how does swimming enter the picture?
Some of the best/worst and most challenging experience as a long distance swimmer.
Recovery and impacts on fitness and health.
Has he also recovered from being a pack a day smoker?
To what extent is anxiety and mental health in general a challenge even after the cessation of drinking?
The lasting consequences of alcohol addiction.
‘Failure is an essential part of the process’
What is going on with this global epidemic of mental health issues?
And specifically men’s mental health.
Channels to get help.
The importance of seeking help.
Would Luke ever write a book about his story?
How to get help.
How to find out more about Luke.

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