Beau Miles

Beau Miles is an award winning film maker,
a poly-jobist, a speaker and a writer with a PHD in outdoor education based in Australia.

This interview was recorded in December 2020

In this episode we discuss:

Beau is from Australia but has been travelling and wandering into adventures since he could.
About Melbourne and the surrounding area.
Australians, the dilemma of being of white, European descent and growing up there, and the question of belonging and one’s true home.
How would Beau describe the films he makes?
Ideas of adventure and long-range travel.
Why did Beau choose film as his medium?
What is the premise of A Mile an Hour?
Beau’s most challenging film? The Human Bean!
Where does he get his ideas?
Would he still do the things in the films, without the filming?
Which film gets most to the core of what he does?
Wood and trees play a big part in Beau’s stories, why?
Is it too late to start working with wood?
To what extent is he motivated by health and physical potential?
How has becoming a father changed things for Beau?
What aspects of his personality does he need to work on?
Shout out to some important people in Beau’s life.
Plans for the future and all about the book.
How to find out more about Beau Miles and how to contact him.
What is Beau’s personal philosophy of happiness?

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Youtube Channel

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